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Subject: The  Truth  About  Internet  Marketing
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Many of you are wondering how to sell products and services on
the Internet.   We all know others are successfully doing it.   The mystery

is how are they doing it.   We are going to tell you how it is done, right
here, now in this letter.

But First:   a Brief word on What Doesn't Work.

WEB SITES DON'T WORK BY THEMSELVES !!!    Many of you have
 web sites and having spent large amounts of money for these web sites
only to get precious few hits and generate only a few sales.   Currently,
are about  300,000 NEW  WEB SITES a WEEK going up.   When the
search engine lists your web site you usually get buried so deep in the
search engine index that it would take a person doing a search hours
and hours to find your site.   80% of those doing a search won't go deeper
than the first twenty web sites they come to or they go to the second page
of the search engine results.

So, How Do You Make Money On The Internet ??
We all know others are doing it.     Well, now we are going to tell you
three ways to accomplish this.

FIRST METHOD - Purchase Internet Advertising on search engines.  The
problem with this is it requires a large advertising budget that runs into
thousands of dollars per month.    For most of us, this isn't a viable
so we will move on to realistic cost effective approaches.
SECOND METHOD - This is what we call Search Engine Optimization.
What we mean by this is the Optimization of your web site to make the
search engine(s) think your web site is one of the most relevant web sites
in it's index for the relevant key word(s).    Let's elaborate: Search
are trying to serve their customers as best they can. Search Engines make
their money by selling advertising, they're not charitable or public
entities.   The more people that use search engines, the more money the
search engine they can charge for their advertising.    You see, the search

engines spam you with ads when you do a search.    Well,  the search
want to do the best job for those who use their search engine, so the
will keep using their search engine.

We have developed State Of The Art technology to convince the large search
YAHOO, to place web sites for our customers in the first 10 listings.  
completely changes things and all of a sudden you begin to see all kinds of
inquiries and orders.     Results are often noticeable in 48 hours.    In
99% of
the cases there is no noticeable change in the appearance or function of
actual web site and there is no need to move your web site to another
If you're concerned about keeping your position we offer low cost
service, but it is very common to hold the FIRST TEN spots in major search
engines for 3-6 months. We're are so confident in our abilities we even
guarantee our work.

For more information on our search engine Optimization service,
Go To:

If you wish to discuss the optimization of your web site with a live web
site Optimization specialist call  850.385.0499

THIRD METHOD - This is the use of Bulk E-Mail to promote your business,
products, services or even your web site.   Many shy away from the use of
Bulk E-mail due to a lot of false and misleading information being
circulated on the subject.    The facts are Bulk E-Mail works.    If it
you wouldn't see so much of it.    If you feel guilty about it, think where

our forests would be today if everyone used Bulk E-mail instead of
utilizing advertising that consumes paper, depleting our natural
resources.    Is it really such a big deal to delete unwanted messages from

your mailbox?
We have a package that enables you to reach 40 million people for an
outlay of $600. We have other options as well including: Targeted Mailing
Lists such as people engaged in a certain occupation or industry, or people

who live in a certain city or state or people with a special interest or

For more information about Bulk E-Mail, - another regulus spam site....


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Thank You and Good Selling!
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